Mustang 6R80 Automatic Transmission Controllers and Control Packs.


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Swapping from and automatic to a manual transmission in a 99-04 mustang 3.

<b>99 Cobra 4V swapped, FTBR IRS.

Ford Mustang Convertible RWD For Sale. 6cyl Automatic. Aug 10, 2012 · For sale: Modular Automatic to Manual Conversion- For Sale is a T-45 manual transmission conversion kit to convert your automatic to a 5 speed Manual.


I'm new to the Mustang world and I just inherited a 1999 Mustang GT. . D&D also offer engine swap kits & headers for the Mustang SN95 chassis (1994-2004 Mustang).

fc-smoke">Jul 21, 2008 · class=" fc-falcon">2. I plan to install a V7 YSI blower and rather sale the transmission than blow.

8 and it's an automatic with blown heads.

IMO once you start considering having a professional do the work, the answer becomes almost automatic, trade the car.

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Remove the torque convertor by unscrewing the four bolts which go through the back of the drive plate into the torque convertor. Gotta get the correct flywheel as single port(94-98) are extrenally balanced, split-port(99-04) are internally balanced.

T-56 (6spd) Transmission Strong, used in Cobra R, Terminators.


These cars have the least to swap.

'02 GT - MANUAL TO AUTO SWAP. D. Nov 2, 2007 · The AMP crew, led by master technician Chris Ciolek, bolted on a Saleen VI supercharger and its related accessories: a Steeda cold-air system, a 90mm mass air, fuel pumps from a Ford GT, 39-lb/hr.

. 96 mustangs are so cheap these days it's not worth it. 27 rear regardless of transmission. 8L I'm wanting to swap my automatic to a manual good idea or no and what all transmissions will work I have a 3. I'll get a look under my car later today. T-3650 (5spd used in New Edge cars) slightly better than T-45.

Labor would be outrageous.

. Since the introduction of the 5.

I will start looking for a wrecked 99-04 to be a donor car.

there are many types of t-45 (mech speedo or ele speedo, or.

T-45 (Stock on 96-98 Cobras) but they are weak.