Behind the Rolex crown is a way of thinking about our place in the world and an aspiration to contribute.

WATCH 420 :Vintage Chronograph course to be conducted by Bernhard Stoeber at AWCI on July 8 to 12, 2019. October 06, 2015.


Patek Philippe has just officially announced the opening of something it sees as critical to its continued long-term success in the United States: a new program for.

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These schools are the Lititz Watch Technicum, the School of Watchmaking at OSUIT, and the Watchmaking Department of the North Seattle Community College. I am currently attending the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, sponsored by the Richemont Group. class=" fc-falcon">Schools.

Professors are good people too. .



NAIOSW – North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, Dallas, TX. <strong>Watchmaking can be a lucrative career or an exciting hobby.

For further information on the class, or to register, contact Jason Champion, AWCI Education Director at jason@awci. Hayek Watchmaking School (Miami, Florida) North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (Dallas, Texas) North Seattle College Watch Technology.

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The principal outcomes of our SAWTA curriculum are graduates that are qualified for employment in environments that are typically perceived. The last family-owned independent watch manufacturer left in. S.

class=" fc-falcon">Electronic Distance Learning. . . class=" fc-falcon">Schools. . I would note that these schools are not for recreational hobbyists.


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Gem City College, Quincy, IL.

Any accredited watchmaking school or program in the USA is eligible for the Howard Robbins Award.


USA, NAIOSW - The North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, Dallas, TX; USA, NAWCC Watch and Clock Traveling Workshops; USA, The Nicolas G.